8x8 VoIP now the Worst Phone Service on the market

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Do not get this service. I promise you WILL be disappointed. This company is a fraud. Filled with lies and false promises and when I threaten legal action and took my opinion public , they terminated me. I am taking legal action for damages and am passing this on to over 1000 members of the media or more. I have a rather lengthy list of media and legal contacts as well as 55000 twitter followers on my business account. For more info watch this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAkkT9G7ACo

We had 8x8 for 3 months now and I am super disappointed. The auto attendant not working properly 2. The call park feature wouldn't allow parked calls to ring back 3. Caller ID when calling people shows up as "unknown caller" and you know how great that looks coming from a doctor's office 4. The phone makes outbound calls but cannot receive any calls at all, meaning when callers call the number actually says "THIS NUMBER IS CURRENTLY NOT A WORKING NUMBER." - again that's awesome for a doctor office. And we only knew the phones weren't working when we reached a pt who was calling us for the last few hours! 5. One of the phones would not connect at all to make calls and I was on the phone for an hour with the rep adding IP addresses etc and it never worked. What finally made it work was that we switched it to another port (they claimed then my current was faulty) but guess what I switched it back to the original port and it works! So it's something wrong with the phone itself but they wouldn't replace it 6. My handset for a brand new phone wouldn't work where I could barely hear the caller. I waited 2 weeks for a replacement and it still never came, I called back again and they said they didn't even see a record of the rep working with me trying to fix the handset and that he will not send me another one unless I did the same things again. I was so angry at this point I had to speak to a supervisor and that's when they finally sent me a replacement handset for a brand new phone AND THESE PHONES

I PURCHASED THROUGH THEM! 7. The list goes on and on and on...I even complained to a supervisor and requested compensation for 3 months of grievance and having to call over n over and being on the phone with them wasting so much of my time. And they just said these are kinks that need to be worked out. My lord, 3 months of fixing kinks! THREE MONTHS! I totally do not recommend them at all. Oh and whenever you call about an issue of the phone, you're lucky to get someone who actually knows what they are doing! And 90% of the supervisors are jerks. Oh yeah let me tell you about this one.

8x8 has failed in two major areas: Technology and customer service. Their call quality and conferencing services are extremely unreliable. I have a fiber connection and have spent a sizable amount on IT services ensuring that we are configured properly for 8x8 (No excuses for lack of bandwidth or misconfigured security appliances/routers.) Their customer service lacks accountability to solve issues and upper management chooses to be unresponsive. Therefore, if it is beyond a routine configuration change, most issues go unresolved. I have spent over $50k with them and our company has suffered the damage of a poor investment and lost time. I've read the other 1 star reviews and have also experienced the same issues.

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