welcomes a new research and development team that will fast track its updates on grammar software

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - London, UK 18th April, 2016 - has taken this moment to send a warm welcome to a newly constituted team of research and development experts that will fast track the ongoing updates on its grammar software. The company says that the team will be a long term pillar of its strategy and at the moment, its role will be felt in the delivery of quality and automatic proofreading services that cost as little as possible. has been updating its award winning grammar software to meet the global demands and while everything so far is going very well indeed, the R&D team will at least make sure that the progress is as fast as possible. The use of grammar software in proofreading is necessary and over the years, has proven that it has some of the best tools. However, the online proofreading test provider feels that in order to compete with other companies in the world regular updates on existing tools are necessary.
This is why the research and development team is here and while the current update is expected to be massive, it will not be the last. says that its services are based on its motto of quality and reliability all the time. Achieving this on the long term will require better grammar technology and it seems the research and development team has been given the responsibility of making sure that this happens. The idea of proofreading online has never been easier and the software options in the market are really remarkable.
Experts say that is the only company today that has a research and development team responsible for the development of innovative grammar tools and this is seen as a big plus and a show of dedication towards serving customers with resume proofreading services that actually leverage on technology to achieve a standard that everybody wants.
The update of the software is a delicate task and the research and development teams has been asked to play it very cool and ensure that the foundations of all grammar tools are not disrupted unnecessarily. The rise of online proofreading services is set to continue with the growth of tech and grammar tools and will be a leader in this aspirations. Please get to its main website anytime you are free at for more details.

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