Medical Bill Help through Medical Fundraising Campaign

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May 03, 2016: Being diagnosed yourself or watching a family member or friend suffering from an illness is overwhelming. Rushing to medical checkups, undergoing frequent tests, and seeking different treatments are not only emotionally exhausting but financially as well. Medical bills and related costs may become frustrating. In such situation medical fundraising is the quickest and simplest way to provide financial support to you or your friend or family member confronted with accumulating medical bills.

Andrew Knight Jr was diagnosed as having sickle cell anemia since he was a kid, which changes his whole life making him always want care and help from others. But his strong will and dedication turn things around by completing his education and pursue the things of his passion. Presently as a student he usually gets extremely tired making it difficult to concentrate on classes because of his health condition.

Due to his ill health he suffered from low hemoglobin and oxygen level which pushed him to the Carl hospital emergency room for immediate blood transfusion. After getting his transfusion done he has to face a heavy health care bill since he has no student insurance coverage.

To solve this problem he has started a medical fundraising campaign to raise money which will enable him to compensate the bill and make him fit to retake his classes. His campaign needs pledging but most importantly it needs your attention and interest. Even a small support and contribution can make a difference in helping him to spread the word.

About The Company:
Generosity is a community for showing and sharing compassion through socially conscious fundraising. It helps people to pay medical bills through personal or for others medical fundraising campaigns. For more information go through the link


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