Achieving Feminine Freedom Through Musical Trance

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - DANCE a GoGo -- Burlesque Dance Series Of Andrea Lin, A Guide To Achieve Real Feminine Freedom


Watching DANCE a GoGo is more than enjoying the dance and this is great news for those who are passionate about music and dance. In fact, DANCE a GoGo's motto, “Be a Hottie in Your Own Right,” is itself unique. Though hundreds of dance enthusiasts were there, everyone seemed to be in a meditative trance. The message that appeared to be felt by everyone was quite clear and it was "Freedom." The audience journeyed into the heart of the dance and it was evident that the motto of the dance had reached the cockles of their hearts.

The voice that kept the audience so spell-bound was that of Ms. Andrea Lin, popularly called the Music Diva "SuperDoll." The skill, the expertise and the commendable proficiency with which she created the musical web and threw the audience into a hip-shaking frenzy were a delight to watch. The way she could transition from one note to another and add plenty of nuances to her mesmerizing voice made the audience discover enchanting and new musical bends. It was quite evident that the audience could spot a new musical identity in her. They also seemed to understand the new meaning she infused into her music.

Andrea agreed to spend some time and interact and during the interaction, she was asked what the purpose of DANCE a GoGo II - Burlesque Dance Series was. Pat came her reply that it was ‘Women Empowerment.’ During the interaction, Andrea time and again proved that she was a straight forward person and she could converse with the same ease with which she could sing and dance. In short, her commendable dedication to her work and also towards the purpose of her work could easily be understood from the interaction.

To quote Andrea's words themselves, “The whole point of giving the world, the Burlesque Dance Series is to enable women around the world realize their own sexuality through dance.” This means the main purpose of the Burlesque Dance Series, that is brought out in 6 DVD box-sets, is to emphasize the utmost primacy of feminine freedom and feminine health. The aim is to impress upon people that feminine freedom must be rejuvenated for which dance and the sensuality that adorns it can lend exemplary support.

Though some folks may opine that Freedom to Dance has already been achieved, the reality is different. Real democracy is yet to dawn. Hopefully, the efforts that are made by Andrea and her DANCE a GoGo will bring the light out.

The interaction with Andrea is certain to impress everyone as much as her work on the stage. On the whole, her DANCE a GoGo – Burlesque Dance Series is a compelling step-by-step guide towards achieving real feminine freedom. The only way-out for people is to succumb, allow themselves to be dominated by the power of her music and keep gyrating to the beats.

About DANCE a GoGo -- Burlesque Dance Series

DANCE a GoGo -- Burlesque Dance Series is being brought out as a six step guide that may help in achieving real feminine freedom. It is the brainchild of Andrea Lin, popularly called the Music Diva "SuperDoll." Since feminine freedom is yet to become a reality, Andrea believes her efforts will play a vital role in achieving it.

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