improves reviews of its paraphrasing online tool after two updates last month

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - London, UK 20th April, 2016 - has announced that reviews for its innovative paraphrasing tools have radically improved in the last few days after the company approved and implemented a tech update in the last one month. The reviews are now giving the new look tool a five star rating in almost each time and this can only be seen as good news for the firm which until today has provided some of the best paraphrasing software solutions. notes that the updates which were completed a few days ago were absolutely necessary. Although the paraphrasing machine provider always updates these tools each month, this time round the process was quite rigorous. Experts say that this is the main reason why reviews have spiked and as many people continue to use the paraphrase machines at, there is a strong belief that this positive customer feedback will continue. The company has noted that a number of changes were made with the two updates last month.
To begin with, the firm notes that there were some changes with the user interface which was changed to a simple and engaging look. This has made it easier for people to use the machine and paraphrase all documents that they want. Many analysts believe that usability is one of the most defining factors for any new of existing rephrase tool. Although in the end most people may learn to use a difficult tool, it helps if someone can just go online and paraphrase without having to go through a lot of stress. has revealed that all the updates were meant to make the stability of its paraphrase tools the best in the world and that is not all, functionality has also gone up a notch. One of the factors to look out for is of course the speed the online paraphrase generator tools have been going with. There is no doubt customers love this and they have clearly expressed that opinion through reviews. has insisted that it will always be aware of any complacency even if the online paraphrase tool options on its site are the best of the best. The company says that it will continue to make the needed improvements and customers have been asked to give their feedback all the time there is an update. Please visit for details.

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