to developan android app for its service in a bid to make ordering easier

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - London, UK 25TH April, 2016 - has commissioned a team of software engineers to do a feasibility and later develop an android app that will be sued as a substitute to order services and track orders. The company says that the current app is not good enough and it is planning to add more features and better usability with this latest development. Once the feasibility is done, funding for the development will approved and work will commence thereafter.
The use of mobile apps has been very popular in recent years and it is now becoming a norm in the online writing sectors. a majority of people according to recent figures access the internet using their mobile phones and having app with them will definitely promote better access to the internet and consequently to personal statement writing service. In that case, it makes so much sense for a leader in this space like to put together funds for app development.
The provider notes that even though at the moment it is hoping to develop an android app, there will also be other developments on other platforms. The main aim is to provide an app that can allow customers to access services and customer support anytime and anywhere they are. The business personal statement writer notes that this is the best way of ensuring quick and faster ordering but that is not all, the app will still have other important attributes. has said that customization of the app will target to create a platform where by the company and the customers can share ideas. In other words, customers will use the app to leave feedback on the business management personal statement services rendered, they will also be able to track the orders made and in the end they can request revisions or even cancel orders using the same app. says that it understand the process of developing such a custom and well crafted application will take time but it has directed all the people involved in the development to expedite the whole thing. The residency personal statement editing service provider is confident that customer will love this app and its impact will indeed be remarkably good. Orders for service however are now done on the main site so visit today and see how you can benefit.

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