Typinguk.com celebrates 8 years in UK typing services as new corporate deals start to flow into its basket

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - London, UK 25th April, 2016 - Typinguk.com has marked 8 years in professional typing services across the UK. The company which was launched back in 2008 has seen major progress in this space and at the moment, the number of corporate clients it is getting has gone up remarkably. The consistency that Typinguk.com has shown and the dedication on the customer needs have made it a typing company to reckon with and even next year and year beyond, the success will remain.
As off 2016 Typinguk.com had been seeing a yearly growth average of 17% most of which has largely been attributed to corporate clients who pay huge sums of money to outsource typing. The company says that its strategy for the next decade is to increase the number of individual customers too but even then, the future of the typing services uk company seems to be already guaranteed. There is also a lot of expert who feel the firm has handled competition very well.
As one of the pioneers of the typing sector in the United Kingdom Typinguk.com has done well to stay in the business and to be honest, 8 years of active serve with no clear blemish is not something to take for granted. In any case, there will be a lot of discussions regarding where the typing services offered at the firm will go next but if the last few years are anything to go by, it looks up is the direction Typinguk.com will be taking.
One of the challenges Typinguk.com has had in the last 8 years is maintaining accuracy. The firm agrees that typing is hectic and many errors can be made along the way. However, it has of course responded and one of the best ways the UK typing online service provider has responded is to bring innovative technology that ensures all the typed words are accurate and grammatically correct.
This is perhaps the main reason why the firm is only one in the UK with an accuracy level of 99% while others are not even able to reach the 90% market. The 8 years have also brought great lessons and you can bet that a decade to the future, Typinguk.com will still be soldering on as a top typing service UK. Please visit http://www.typinguk.com/ for more information.

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