Wired for the Real World! Assured Remote Training Solutions for Any Network Examination

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Remotraining offers specialized training for CCNA (CISCO CERTIFIED NETWORK ASSOCIATE), A+, Linux, Aruba Wireless, Microsoft, ITIL and Juniper certifications. What makes the training unique is the fact that it can be taken taken purely as an online course, across all certifications formats.

The President of Remotraining says, “There is a huge gap between what is learnt theoretically and what is applied practically on the field. One must have a thorough understanding of basics and how exactly to apply the same in a real world scenario. Our online CCNA training equips individuals to achieve this seamlessly.”

This is no surprise. Networking can be a complicated subject and it requires commitment and experience at every step. Competent professionals are the need of the hour and there is little time for orientation or for learning while ‘playing’. Further, many organizations demand experienced professionals or even beginners are expected to have a good knack for trouble shooting. Given the myriad wires and switches, networking is a pragmatic science, as well as an art. But how exactly to achieve this expectation set the founders thinking and Remotraining was born.

“The main motivation from our side was to offer ease and flexibility to the training, without any compromise on quality. We have a 90% success rate in our remote training course. Our lab access is also remote. Thus all that is needed is just a good Internet connection.”

The training programmes have been designed by industry experts and each and every aspect is lucidly explained. All the sample evaluation exams that can be undertaken online are also free. Thus Remotraining offers one of the best online CCNA training around. Further, there is a lot of chance for collaboration and high levels of interaction.

“We have innovative learning tools and our online course is designed to effectively cater to every level of student presence. Our interactive presentations are designed to arouse a certain ‘thinking’ and open the minds of our students to new vistas. By encouraging collaboration, we help our students to develop a team spirit and a collective problem solving approach that is good in a corporate environment as well. The training process that we have developed carries a huge amount of experience and has been dovetailed to ensure that anyone undertaking the course can easily understand the basics as well as the higher concepts equally well”, continues Network Experts.

The vision of Remotraining is to provide quality training at an affordable fee,. The online network training certification, though new, has been developed effectively by Remotraining Experts.




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