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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Genius Vision has a free version of NVR for non-commercial use. The software is a four level software allowing for cameras to be accessed from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. The Genius Vision software and NVR software in general has grown in popularity. CBS 19 reported that the Genius Vision NVR software continues to grow in popularity as companies seek out “innovative technologies to protect themselves from criminals”. And while the free version is still available for non-commercial use, upgrading to the Enterprise Version does have its advantages.

Enterprise Edition means faster speeds and more RAM

As most people would expect, with an upgrade come updates to the RAM and the speed of the program. Specifically, the Enterprise Edition of the NVR software allows for use on a 64-Bit program. Why would this be beneficial for the commercial user? The 64 system allows for the system to access RAM that goes beyond the 2G cap off of the user based platform to files in excess of 4Gs. In today’s world video can quickly get beyond 2 and 4Gs and so having a larger RAM base just makes sense. Additionally, the extra RAM helps to minimize the delays in video which can occur, especially if accessing the devices from a weak network.

32 to 64 is not an Upgrade, it is a better program entirely

Most companies want to spout off that the 64 version of the software is an upgrade from the 32 bit version. In truth, they cannot be upgrades as the programs are based on entirely different systems. They are different programs within themselves. Ever wonder why that 32 bit version of a particular program that works on your 64 bit does not work or vice versa, that is the reason. It is not compatible. Yes, there are instances where a program will be written for a 32 bit or for a 64 bit (in which case there are 2 separate applications of the same program). As such, Genius Vision NVR Enterprise Edition should be considered a totally different product from the 32-bit non-commercial free program.

Due to the fact that you are installing a brand new product, it is advised that you remove completely the older 32 bit software as it is not supported and may cause some compatibility/cross access disturbance if both are installed.

What is different in the 64 bit other than the RAM?

Where the user, or Lite version of the software comes with a great deal of functionality that is not found in other free NVR software, the Enterprise edition offers more features which and less limitations. Granted, the functions may be present to an extent, but they are reduced or engineered for personal use, meaning there are very stringent limitations to the capabilities. Furthermore, to use the software commercially you have to have a professional license of the product. Apart from these functionality differences, Genius Vision NVR Enterprise Edition features:

● Object counting
● Missing Object/foreign object
● Panorama view
● Panoramic Digital PTZ
● 512x Smart Search

One of the features above that I have found to be helpful is the 360 panoramic controls. By being able to see the room in its entirety, I have been able to better grasp the full story of situations which need management involvement. Where in the past I had to rely heavily upon the word of the employees and my own diagnosis to such situations, by being able to go to the footage, rewind, freeze frame, and pan the camera 360 degrees, the frustrations and the clarity of what is going on inside my business has increased substantially.


If you are accustom to using the 32 bit system, or if the majority of your software is a 32 bit software, you may want to look to the options available with Genius Vision for 32 bit systems. There are limitations to the WoW64 application. Your OS technical information is vital in picking the correct application for your cameras and surveillance.

Enterprises should have a thorough grasp upon the computing system they desire to have the program on as well as the ability to perform functionality testing on the system. Since a great deal of businesses are not equipped with their own IT department or lack the resources to install and test the devices properly, I would recommend that you use the services of Genius Vision when picking out the best application, software, hardware, and installation of such. However, you can access some starter information through their PDF on 32 vs. 64 bit NVR software as a base point. NVR Enterprise x64 is available for a trial download should you wish to test it out before you buy. For more information about Genius Vision’s NVR Software, visit the website: http://geniusvision.net/index.html


Company Name: Genius Vision
Email: partners@geniusvision.net
Phone: +886 (2) 27527612
Country: Taiwan


Company Name: Genius Vision
Email: partners@geniusvision.net
Phone: +886 (2) 27527612

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