Airwheel intelligence X8 self-balancing electric hoverboard stands high in popular favor

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - For outdoor enthusiasms, an outstanding SUV electric scooter is necessity. Airwheel X8 electric self-balancing scooter stands high in outdoor enthusiasms’ favor with its excellent passing ability and the characteristic of easy to control. It is the only one in the industry that deserves the reputation of “king of SUV”.

The first factor that outdoor enthusiasms think high of is the 16 inches hub. The16-inch wheel hub installed in the tire minimizes rolling angle and optimizes grip effect. It has higher adaptive capacity for moving in hostile road conditions. Such a big hub can guarantee the weight and body, the tyre is more flat and the has more areas to touch the ground which ensure X8 electric drift hoverboard has the firm road holding ability and friction force.

The aviation posture control principle, fuzzy algorithm and the gyroscope system applied in X8 electric unicycle can makes riders control the protection of speed limitation, low power, slant protection and sound alarm. Equipped with 130Wh and 170Wh battery core and optimized by CPU power-saving design, Airwheel X8 hoverboard delivers sufficient battery range. Meanwhile the magnetic motor makes it very quiet. Plus the maximum speed of 18 kilometers per hour brings an exciting riding experience for outdoor enthusiasms.

Except maintaining the dynamic balancing, the intelligent system inside X8 self-balancing scooter can also sound alarm when meeting safety problems during riding. When the slanting angle excees the safety value, it will stop the motor from operating automatically and prevent riders from any damage. While if the speed exceeds the normal value, it will also sound alarm. In this way, X8 can guarantee riders’ safety.

Finally, the electric self-balancing scooter X8 single wheel scooter never produce any exhaust gas, which can effectively protect the environment and the air quality in the city. This kind of transport vehicle shall be promoted and recommended. Therefore, Airwheel X8 electric one wheel can stands high among all the similar products and become people’s favorite scooter.

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