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May 17, 2016: Music can be an enjoyable profession for many and when it comes to hip hop and rap music special talent and passion is necessary for producing unique rhythms. The music industry has continuously progressed and artists can no more depend on album sales only. Promoting oneself through an online presence is what is expected and required in order to stay relevant.

Hip Hop Headquarters, LLC ( is an online platform connecting new artists with new fans and companies by opening doorways to the music industry. This company was set up to provide a constant support system to independent artists. They help talented and underrated Indie artists to get noticed. They believe that independent artists should get more credit than what they credited for.

Beside the establishment of business, branding, marketing and music entertainment, TripleHQ gives the independent artists incite of more than simply the music being created. Having some standard news and current events, the focus of Hip Hop Headquarters, LLC is to take the indie artists from the underground to the wall street of music.

With a team of talented professionals ranging from radio personalities, photographers, DJ’s, videographers etc., TripleHQ is actually a company which has a perspective and the capabilities that are required to get independent artists to the next level of progress. The keystone of the company is knowledge of the music industry and social media marketing. Hip Hop Headquarters is a publicly held media and advertising company that provide quality service to the musical masterminds worldwide and dedicated to build value for artists that support their effort.

About The Company:
Hip Hop Headquarters, LLC was created as an outlet for indie artists to network, advertise, and have their music heard. has a fresh new layout and design filled with loads of music, blog, reviews and features which are updated daily. For more information visit

Contact Details:
Company Name: Hip Hop Headquarters
Address: Atlanta, GA 30315


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