The Design Concept of Airwheel Self-Balancing Standing Electric Scooter

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - 18, May 2016: Airwheel products are currently applied to various sections including personal transport tool, work inspection, exhibition and police patrol, golf cart, transport means for large gymnasiums, recreations and car-mounted alternative transport. Only by enhancement in technology can one firm gain its footing in the competitive market. This notion is rooted deeply in the mind of Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter. Why Airwheel is ahead of time and other competitors? That is because Airwheel has its own philosophy in respect of design and service.

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To begin with, Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter places a great emphasis on the technology and R & D. from the standing up electric scooter, sitting posture self-balancing scooter to self-balancing electric scooter with dual ride mode, Airwheel keeps on innovation and upgrading the design to satisfy more individuals’ requirements.

Secondly, the end user’sexperienceshows a great importance. Focusing on the development of safe, solid and humanized products, Airwheel is broadly identified with its modern concise design and fresh comfortable user experience. Airwheel owes its standard-setting products to the care of details and a customer-oriented design concept. Taking Airwheel A3 saddle-equipped electric scooter as an example, on the smooth peddles, the rider is prone to slip. Since Airwheel designed the threaded peddles, it is less for the feet of the rider to slip from the pedals, which ensures a safe ride.

In order to survive, one must keep on innovation. Airwheel has been making breakthroughs and kept innovative. It is the first scooter maker that integrates the electric self-balancing scooter into the APP on the mobile phone, such as the A3, S5, S8 and Z5 and so on. What's more, the modular battery design of Airwheel Z5 folding electric scooters, coupled with USB port, endows riders with an infinite range and a power source as well.

Airwheel pioneered in the new usage of electric self-balancing scooters, expanding the new frontier. Innovative, ahead of time and attentive to details, Airwheel makes something of itself.


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