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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Fennario’s Wolf _ Newgrass Bluegrass Project.

“Newgrass” is basically Bluegrass with a fresh and tender twist. After a lot of planning, Fennario Wolf came up with some of the best players/artists in Bluegrass new Newgrass. Those who know Fennario’s Wolf can understand that his musical expressions are very diverse, ranging from pop and alternative to new and age chill out. Fennario’s Wolf Newgrass Bluegrass has four man artists that handles different Newgrass Bluegrass instrument which make the music lively. They are as follows: Edwin Lighter is in charge of Mandolin/Guitar/Vocals, Mathew Henry for Guitar/ Bass, Greg Remesch for Banjo/Vocals and Thomas Beall who is also known as GingerWolf for steel Guitar. More details about Fennario’s Wolf and the above artists are available at http://www.fennarioswolf.com/

In Fennario’s Wolf Bluegrass Newgrass, as it is in other forms of jazz, one or more instruments each takes its function, playing the melody and improvising around it, while the other perform accompaniment. This is made it unique from the archaic/ old-time music where every instrument play the melody at the same time or one instrument takes the lead throughout ,while the others provides accompaniment.

One of the things that greatly distinguishes Fennario’s Wolf bluegrass music from all other genre is that Fennario’s Wolf newgrass bluegrass is mostly played with the use of acoustic and stringed musical instruments.

Fennario’s Wolf newgrass bluegrass band has members playing the fiddle, the acoustic guitar and upright bass, the mandolin, and the five-string banjo. The two last instruments may have, in fact, enjoyed increased popularity primarily due to its involvement in creating Fennario’s Wolf newgrass bluegrass music.

Another increasingly common instrument Fennario Wolf use for bluegrass music, that is quite different from the rest, is the resonator guitar.
Nowadays, the use of newgrass bluegrass instruments by Fennario’s Wolf is highly focused on making solos which are almost always improvised and often requiring a display of technical excellence or virtuosity from its players. Fennario Wolf newgrass bluegrass has also improved in the styles in playing the instruments which also evolved because of its involvement with newgrass bluegrass instruments to the artists a new style for playing the acoustic guitar. New styles for playing such instruments have also emerged due to its involvement with bluegrass instruments to musicians a new style for playing the acoustic guitar. Instead of going with the typical use of flat picks.

Fennario’s Wolf newgrass bluegrass website is http://www.fennarioswolf.com/

The facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/fennarioswolf/

If one wants to listen to music, click this https://soundcloud.com/fennarioswolf

To purchase music, visit http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/fennarioswolf

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