Touch New Jersey, Inc.: Raising Money for New Building

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May 23, 2016: TOUCH New Jersey, Inc., is a non-profit food outreach integrated in 2003 that serves needy families in the food desert of the poorest city in America; Camden, New Jersey. This organization is totally motivated by volunteers and on everyday they save and also distribute over 10,000 pounds weekly food to the needy by picking up food from local supermarkets such as Acme, Shop-Rite, Wawa and 7-11/ Southland Corp. All this is done through the affiliation with Philabundance. Presently they are working out of a 2 sub floor basement of the New Beginnings Church on 6th and State Streets in Camden, NJ which volunteers tend to carry an average 30 pound package of food in to the building and down to be processed. Then up 2 flights of stairs to distribute. Some of the people they help are seniors, single mothers and families that are just not making it.

While they are extremely thankful to have a place to distribute food but they are losing volunteers due to the toll it takes on their bodies. Furthermore the building does not have the electrical facility to handle the commercial refrigeration that their system needs. TOUCH is raising fund to locate a ground floor building with good electrical service. They could distribute over 40,000 pounds of food weekly.

Their Fund raising goal is $35,000 which will allow them to find a serviceable building. TOUCH has made considerable improvement in attacking the food adversity that is present in the Camden and Philadelphia communities and is delivering quality meats, dairy products and bread in this food desert. Anybody is welcome to help them to achieve their goal with any kind of donations. By making a tax deductible donation, you can genuinely make a difference in the battle against hunger. Thank you!!

About The Company:
Touch New Jersey, Inc. is a non-profit organization operated as a food pantry since 2003 that offers solutions to those challenges in the greater Camden area the opportunity to ‘shop’ and obtain a variety of meats, produce, bread, dairy and dry goods on a weekly basis. Please visit the online fund-raising website at to make a donation or feel free to mail any contributions to TOUCH New Jersey.

Contact Details:
Company Name: TOUCH New Jersey, Inc.
Address: P.O. Box 8604, Collingswood, N.J. 08108
POC: Keith Murphy (Chef Murph) 856.668.6153


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