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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - The residue of tape on mirror or paint on a clear glass surface is the most irksome thing and we try to get it removed either by finger nails or knife or any other sharp objects. Though it sometimes removes the stain or paint but leaves a scratch mark on the surface which is more bothersome.

Anyway, this is not going to happen anymore. Eric and Derek Kempker have brought an innovative tool for this problem and they named it as MiScraper. It is a universal safe razor tool that has some really amazing strength in such a light form. Donít go on its size and weight; you can use MiScraper practically on any surface like kitchen shelves, 3D print glass build plates, window surfaces etc.

Now, letís talk about the features of MiScraper that put it in a completely different league in the industry of scrapers. The blade exposure length is limited which gives you a stiffer and stronger scraping surface. This unique product has an auto blade return. When not in use, the button can be pressed and the blade is retracted back.

This retractable razor scraper has one more astonishing feature and that is easy blade change. MiScraper is made of plastic body and is designed for a firm grip. This razor blade tool can be easily used on the delicate surfaces without the fear of any cracks or scratches. Though it is a hardware tool but you donít have to limit yourself to the boring colors as MiScraper is available in variety of hues and you can pick one for you according to your own choice.
So now with the help of MiScraper, get rid of all those paint marks, stains, tapes, stickers which hamper the beauty of the surface. Get one scraper for yourself and that too in your own favourite color.

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