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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Press Release, Place, and 25th May, 2016: Are you looking for the best live football streaming? Well! You are in the best place. There are many companies that are providing an excellent live football stream to the users. Football tournaments are very popular and world cups and Euro cups are most popular ones.

Like any other World cup in different sports we too have a World cup in football which comprises teams from different countries and it is conducted by FIFA (International of Association Football). Other than Brazil many South American countries play this sport and Argentina is one of them. Maradona was a magician who won the world cup twice for his country Argentina. The following list will give a clear picture of various teams who won the world title.

Brazil – 5 times

Italy – 4 times

West Germany – 4 times

Argentina and Uruguay – 2 times

England, France and Spain – 1 time each

This time the Spain will be looking forward for this title. Since 1978 Brasil will host the world cup in South America and the fans particularly in Brasil cannot control their emotions. Even the famous Pele recently gave a speech which made the fans boost up their energy and they cannot wait for the next 6 months and they want to start up this Mega event as early as possible. This time for the game to be even more genuine FIFA is planning for the goal line technology as in the last world cup there were few controversies.

The cup tickets are available online and people all around the world are buying it in a heap. Coming to the home team Brasil they are strong contenders to win this cup and for the live steram the fans are leaving no stones unturned. Brazil is in Group A and which includes 3 different teams. These games will be played in San Paulo, Fortaleza and Brasilia. People from different countries will also have an opportunity to visit Brazil and see some beautiful locations. Live steram are also available as they will play in group G in this tournament. They will play against Portugal, Ghana and United States. Hence for the live steram people should be in a hurry and cut the tickets as early as possible. As this competition is going to be held in South America almost after 36 years so the fans should make their tickets early. This site is very popular for providing football live stream services.

This tournament began in 1930 and since then it is conducted after every 4 years. There were no World cups in 1942 and 1946 as the 2nd World war took place. The team which really dominated this world cup is none other than Brazil who won this title 5 times and they had legends such as Pele, Socrates, Ronaldo, Rivaldo and few more. Many European countries too are splendid in this sport and the fans are damn crazy. So if you are looking for football live streaming then gets it today.

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