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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Haifa, Israel, June 02, 2016 /PressReleasePing/ - ReadyDAQ, the latest innovation in the field of software development for data acquisition (DAQ) has launched the latest version of its data acquisition software which is the perfect solution to all your development needs. The software helps you save time on the software development process and rather helps you invest more time into your actual device.

With its efficiency and optimized output, ReadyDAQ helps in cutting down the development time for several process in the innovative fields such as prototyping, Automatic Test Equipment (ATE), product lines in industries and factories and industrial sectors such as medical devices, Internet of things and inspection to name a few. Not only does it save you time, but it also saves you money as ReadyDAQ is an affordable and easy solution to data acquisition. The software also offers data logger feature which allows the user to save all the values in the form of a spreadsheet to be used for further analysis and error rectification, if needed.

It is the perfect for anyone who has zero development skills but an amazing idea to innovate and create. Especially an entrepreneur focusing on innovation, prototyping, and product validation with potential customers, it is a gem. No more worrying about the development process lets work on the creation process! Easy, durable and user friendly, the software offers a user friendly interface making it easy to navigate around the application without much trouble.

Do you want to get a trial run for the ReadyDAQ System before making a purchase? You can immediately operate your NI data acquisition (DAQ) equipment with a 30-day trial of ReadyDAQ-Light, which comes without the need of a LabVIEW license. For more information visit

ReadyDAQ comes in different versions which can be checked out here for more information.

ReadyDAQ offers several features which make it beneficial to the user. These include:

Multi device support which allows up to four DAQ devices simultaneously working on the platform. It is equipped with four Analog to Digital converters for optimum output!

Offers support from both open loop as well as closed loop PID

Allows the user to write digital to analog signals to external devices

Along with the option to record the data (data logger), allows data display as per user customization

Offers an executable version which does not need a LabVIEW license and is also available in source code for further development

Easy to use with a friendly user interface

Programming is no problem with our experienced team of professional programmers here at ReadyDAQ who are available at your service for support and guidance!

Press Contact:
Tzachi Sabati
IZAK Scientific Ltd.
Matam scientific industrial park, Building 23, Haifa, Israel

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