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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Los Angeles, CA, June 03, 2016 /PressReleasePing/ - VO Genesis Review
VO Genesis is a revolutionary book that teaches people how to make large sums of money from home without doing a lot of work. The VO stands for Voice Over. It is an informational program to help you get into the voice over industry where you can make significant amounts of money with very little effort.

What are you purchasing?

When you purchase VO Genesis you will get 3 eBooks. The first book is a 90 page document which acts as your core text. Then there are two 19 page bonus documents.

The first book teaches you the basics of how to make money doing voice over work. The book claims that there are many opportunities for vocal artists to do voice over work and there is no training required (well except maybe this book).

In the book she goes over why doing voice over work is the easiest and best way to make money. She goes over the qualities you need to be a vocal artist including sounding sincere. In fact she states that you do not have to have a specific kind of voice. She also introduces you to websites where you can go and find the best jobs.

The book tells you how to set up an at home studio and how to record and edit your voice. The book also guides you on ways to scale your income and build and entire six figure agency.

The first of the bonus books teaches you how to approach the business side of the voice over industry like negotiation and payment. The second book gives you ideas on how to market yourself.

Is it genuine?

There are very many testimonials about people who believe in this product. People who use it say that they are earning more than they did in their 9 to 5 jobs. A lot of people claim to be earning over 6 figures a year. There are no complaints and this seems to be a genuine product.

60 day guarantee

If you are not happy with the product you can return it is 60 days and get a full refund.

The VO Genesis is a guide on how to make money doing voice over work from the comfort of your home. The voice over industry is a niche market that not a lot of people know about so it can be difficult to enter. That is why this book is very useful because it is a step by step guide on how to crack the voice over market and make good money in it. It is definitely worth a try.

http://www.vogenesisreview.org/ for more info
and http://youtu.be/GvzAu2DJH8s for video

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