Former Blusher offers Advice on How to stop Blushing

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Morayfield, QLD, Australia, June 08, 2016 /PressReleasePing/ - homepage contains 5 psychological tricks to help people stop blushing. A couple of these tips include controlling the blood flow where individuals use their imagination to try and control body temperature in different areas of the body so when they feel they’re going to blush they focus on their hands warming up. Another tip is preparing the mind where individuals visualise a stressful event to be relaxed and enjoyable so their unconscious minds convince them that they will be fine in different situations. Interested readers can read all 5 tips in the site.

The author of James, who himself wrestled with Erythrophobia in his teens, benefited from the techniques, and along with hypnotherapy helped him stop blushing. “It’s the safe cheap way and it worked for me, I have been blush free now for nearly 12 months which makes it the ultimate cure my blushing story,” he says.

Since the tips have been published on the site many readers have reported to have benefited from them. For example, Stephen Leech from Geraldton, Western Australia says, “I find public speaking stressful and the experience always makes me blush, which adds to the ordeal. But since using the visualisation technique, I have coped much better with the situation and I found I could get my message across more effectively in my speeches.”

About was launched by James to share his experience about his struggle with blushing and his tips on how to stop blushing. The site contains a wide range of information including an explanation of what Erythrophobia is, the types of cures available, other embarrassing conditions such as hyperhidrosis (excess sweating) and a poem about blushing.

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