Strategy – Not Technology – Is the Real Driver for Digital Transformation

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - 10th June 2016, Netherlands, Ronald van Loon, said today that its Strategy that matters and not technology for digital transformation. Ronald van Loon is Director of Adversitement. He further provided in length details on importance of Digital Strategy and vision.

A good digital strategy is born out of a vision for the company. Savvy leaders will understand that they must first envision the form they want their business to take, the presence they want it to have online and in the physical world, and the brand tone and voice they will use to engage with customers across all media. This is the basis for a strong strategy that will carry you through software and hardware updates, new tools, social media platforms, and much more.

Ronald said - Technology Gives You Analytics – Strategy Shows You How to Use Them. He said, it’s not like technology is not important rather its technology that helps to provide data streams and analytics to analysis. However, one might think of analytics and data streams as the tools to fix car and strategy as mechanic’s knowledge and experience. One could have all of the tools necessary to change the struts on car wheels, replace the alternator, or do anything else to repair car, but those tools will do nothing, if someone does not have the knowledge and experience necessary to perform those jobs.

With a solid strategy, one can have a guide for how to use the tools that technology gives. One can see how business can embrace these tools and platforms, how it will change and evolve, and how to continue to use them in the future as they become a part of business. Without strategy, one might get lucky and choose the right platform, the right analytics tools, and the right interpretations of the data but it’s highly unlikely.

Ronald van Loon, is into Adversitement as a Director and well known writer on Digital Strategy and Digital Transformation. He has written various articles and shared his deep knowledge in these fields, one of his article on same subject is highly appreciated and published on LinkedIn - How Strategy – Not Technology – Is the Real Driver for Digital Transformation


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