has at last upgraded its privacy guarantee policy to help improve the quality of services offered

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - has finally upgraded its privacy guarantee policy in a move to help improve the quality of services offered.


London, UK, June 16th 2016 - has finally upgraded its privacy guarantee policy in a move to help improve the quality of services offered. The company said in a report lately released that it was appropriate for them to upgrade the privacy policy to be able to meet the highest standards set by their clients. The service provider also said that the new changes will take effect immediately. Although the service provider has not been very successful in the past three months, it is so obvious that it will be able to attract a large number of clients with its new vibrant plan.

The move by the company to upgrade its privacy guarantee policy has been hailed by professionals in the online market. According to a report released by the company, all information including back account details, names, phone numbers, and email addresses will be deleted right away after the order is complete and the client is totally satisfied with the online typing services. In case the client places another order with the service provider, the company will retrieve the information using cookies.

The company has been operating in the online sector for some time now and it has been able to serve a large number of clients who have come out contented with the quality of png to word converter services offered. And with the new move to upgrade the privacy guarantee policy, there is no doubt that the service provider will certainly maintain its top position in the online market. For clients looking for a service provider that will provide them with the best copy typing services, place your order with

Clients can as well contact the live customer support using the live chat system to make inquiries about offers, services and prices. For more information about paper typing services, visit

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