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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - LONDON – A large group of professional writers are offering academic writing services for all students all the way through the dissertation for the Ph.D. from Projectsdeal UK.

No matter what the topic of the essay, thesis or dissertation, the expert essay writing team has the skills, knowledge and expertise to craft the perfect paper that meets the special details of the committee down to the most minute detail.

Too many who are entering academia and looking to a terminal degree lack the necessary skills to produce the research and writing necessary to meet the demands of a graduate student. Many struggle with a balance of classes, work and for some, family while trying to complete their papers in a timely fashion.

Projectsdeal UK offers customized solutions that deliver the absolute best in research and writing. All a customer needs is to provide a topic, approximately page length and due date. The team will take care of the rest. This allows the student more time to devote to other endeavors.

It is common for all major papers like the thesis and dissertations to be returned to the student for corrections, additions and subtractions. This is why Projectsdeal UK offers unlimited rewrites and submissions until the paper is done to the exact requirements of the committee or student.

“It makes no difference to us if you are a humanities student studying the effects of Alexander the Great’s influence on modern Turkey, or an engineering student required to demonstrate a solution to a city’s traffic congestion. We have enough people on staff to help with any dissertation,” said Mark Wilson V.P., Projectsdeal UK.

Projectsdeal UK also is experienced with all major citation systems, including APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard and other, specialized citation groups.

“All dissertation writing services are guaranteed to pass Turnitin and WriteCheck. Once written, the paper will never be used again. This protects the customer and future customers as well. All of our customer information is strictly confidential,” continued Wilson.

All of the writing staff are native English speakers and hail from both the U.S. and the U.K. This means spelling nuances are never an issue.

Additional information is on the website, Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Projectsdeal UK
Mark Wilson, VP, Projectsdeal UK
+ 44 (0) 20 3514 8888

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