VHF/UHF Jammer

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - As we all know that cellphonejammers can block the transmission of signals from the relative networks.

Then the mission of UHF/VHF Jammers is what?What do you know about UHF and VHF? UHF and VHF are considered to be the low frequency bands which frequencies are VHF 140-180MHz and UHF 420-480MHz. These bands are used by various electronic devices in our daily life. Among them are two-way radio and security walkie-talkie. Nowadays we can observe a huge amount of surveillance cameras which are everywhere, for instance, on the streets, at the traffic lights, on the walls, etc. These CCTV cameras use UHF and VHF frequencies. Now it is becoming very popular for governments of different countries to set up such CCTV cameras and watch what you are doing on the street. On the one hand, it could be used for public safety. But, on the other hand, it could be considered as privacy rights violation. If you want to preserve your rights and not to be tracked walking down the street, you may buy UHF VHF jammers blocker to block signals of those cameras.

Also UHF and VHF are implemented into RFID microchips which could be used for different purposes as well. Where could you see such microchips? For example, buying food at the supermarket you get food which is marked with such a microchip. Or one more example, you may find RFID microchip in badges which are given while entering any governmental building. You could be easily tracked when you are going with such a badge.Knowing the working principal of theUHF/VHF Jammers? The working principal of the UHF/VHF Jammer is similar to the mobile phone jammer, as it works to prevent the UHF and VHF frequency from receiving and sending signals and soon lose the normal working use.

Also the UHF/VHF Signal Jammers are divided into the desktop style and portable style as for different kinds of situations and usages if you want to find onewalkie Talkie Signal Blocker, UHF jammer or VHF jammer to cut off the signal and achieve your goal, you just need to take your situation and requirements into consideration and then pick up the right type in our store www.jammerspy.com.



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