Completing the Tour with the Iceland Golden Circle

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Description: The Golden Circle Iceland is the most popular route in the South Iceland, for the ones who are visiting Iceland.
June 22, 2016 – It is a popular 300 kilometers route from Reykjavik to Central Iceland and all the way back. This route covers the four major places of interest and is really an incredible area. A traveler who wants to bathe in the true essence of Iceland should definitely experience the Iceland Golden Circle. This route covers the Thingvellir National Park which takes one into a world of vast farms and stunning beautiful valleys. The spectacular and amazing Gullfoss Waterfall is definitely a site for a long gaze. The Strokkur and Geysir at Haukadalur are the major hot springs of the area. The vivid colors of the Kerid Crater Lake are a natural welcome for all the tourists of Iceland. 2
There are different ways in which one can experience the Iceland Golden Circle. One can either drive for exploring the whole route or can take a guided tour on the bus. Both the ways are quite interesting for discovering the natural beauties of the country. Exploring the place by driving allows one to stop at every point where he gets attracted whereas the guided tour on the bus helps one in gaining more knowledge about this spectacular region. Self driven exploration helps one in taking pictures anywhere and one gets the liberty of travelling at his own pace and spends some more time than usual at every spot. It is recommended to keep oneself updated about the weather conditions before and while driving the stretch of 300 km. although gas is expensive in Iceland but a full tank is almost enough for the tour. One can also click pictures of the Icelandic horses which are not only delightful to look at but are also quite friendly.
A guided tour for exploring the Iceland Golden Circle can be completed in 7 – 8 hours or can take up to 10 days with experts providing guidance in different languages like German, French, English Spanish and Scandinavian. Reykjavik Excursions are the best one day tour of this place. Transportation facilities in the popular places are not found except the guided tour buses and the personal cars.
About Golden Circle Iceland
The online site of the Golden Circle Iceland allows one to have all the necessary information about the place if one intends to visit it. For getting more information, please visit the website of .

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