World News: a search-engine that helps you find countries local news more easily.

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Press Release, June 27, 2016 : Media play a key role in informing the public about global happenings, in shaping the public opinion and in affecting social changes. Nowadays, digital media is rapidly gaining ground as it offers instant and real-time information on any event. Major Search Engines have all proposed their version of news engines, such asGoogle, Yahoo or Bing, by indexing news articles of major media and thus providing global coverage.

However, a new type of search engines appeared on the Internet in 2012. It distinguishes itself by focusing on local events taking place in specific countries. With the help of AI - Artificial Intelligence - these new types of engines let its final user find out quickly what’s happening in a certain country by displaying the latest news from Local Media and Social Networks in 360°.

Study case: StatesOne
One of these new search engines, StatesOne, provides its finals user not only with access to Global News in 6 major languages, but also coverage of Local News of 40 countries in 360° - a world premiere for a search engine -. By indexing countries which are less represented in other media and by trying to display them in a neutral way, it offers a refreshing approach to World News.

For example, searching a query "Obama" on StatesOne provides the user with relevant results in 360° regarding latest relevant publications of this keyword in the cyberspace.

Displaying Local News is not the only way StatesOne allows anyone to get an overview of local and global events. It consists of other relevant tools that can help the public obtain a better outlook of world's trends.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of features found on the website
- Global News in 6 languages
- Local News of 40 countries (all continents represented)
- World's Daily News Trends
- World's Election Calendar & Special Editions such as the US Presidential Election 2016
- World's Breaking News
- World's Aviation Alerts
- World's Music Charts
- World's Sports Special Editions such as UEFA Euro 2016

The search-engine has recently released a native Android Application to be found on GooglePlay.

To find out more, visit the product at

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