Russia is going to manage USA, UK to make Good World Russia Helps to PreventTerrorism in USA

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Moscow, Russian Federation, July 01, 2016 /PressReleasePing/ - American CIA was comfortable when England was in EU: CIA staff could control UK politicians using contacts in EU management, but now UK, England can get independence from the USA. There is big report in CIA how Russians planned to help to UK to get independence from the EU management.

The central place there is dedicated to the... tweets in the VLADIMIR PUTIN's account, the tweets were made accurate 7 and 8 days before the referendum in UK.



(*The account in Twitter is named VLADIMIR PUTIN (the login @VLADIMIR78PUTIN ), it has address

Astrologers know big good potential for good connections, for good influence 7, 8 numbers. It is also well known that Russian telephone codes are 7 for international connection, 8 for connections inside the country. That is traditional step in programming work: for example calculating programmly: for potential fantastic making Putin leader in UK it is necessary new elections in UK: maybe that's why Cameron decides to make new elections soon to change prime minister in UK? CIA prognoses that next step will be that new politicians in different countries can love Russia more then before, that new politicians can be even be like Vladimir Putin or just to take more common interests to work good with Russia. Both tweets includes the news "Who is managing Mrs. Hillary Clinton?". Journalists from BBC says that before they recieved this news.

At the same time they found in Twitter the account named HILLARY CLINTON, it has login Hillary8Clinton ( ) and it includes many tweets to compliment Vladimir Putin, to compliment Russia. Why Russians made Hillary Clinton account? CIA has information that Roman Abromovich bought club Chelsea for few purposes, which are using in Russia for programming work: to get more programm permissions to use English, England (king's London's club was effective step for it to get program rights), at the same time Chelsea has the same name with Chelsea Clinton, who at the same time works with Hillary Clinton. All together Russians can really to direct situations in UK, USA etc.

CIA makes the following mind in their big report: Russians want to manage American and UK politicians! They use detailed programming work for it. But at the same time there is many tweets, that Russia will improve the world. If it means that Russians want to manage all politicians to make good world?

RUSSIA HELPS TO PREVENT TERRORISM IN USA?! RUSSIA MAKES GOOD SITUATIONS IN THE WORLD. Who is managing Mrs. Hillary Clinton? Sensation about Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton, Vladimir Putin, Anatoliy Golod, The God Almighty Advocate, Apple, IBM. Russia will help to improve the world.

It is necessary to check networks, which makes directions to people in private communications: you know, these networks were used by problem structures when problem structures programmably directed people for making 2nd world war, but in modern society these networks are using by problem structures to change decisions in different spheres, but also the problem structures preparing wars, conflicts in different countries and problem structures are preparing big war to some periods in future. But it is possible to make good situations in all regions, it is momentous to start the information, it is actual for all countries.

Press Contact:
Anatoliy Golod
General Universal Information Defense Excellent Service, GUIDES
Russian Federation, Moscow, 105187, Kirpichnaya, 43

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