Ampare Engine Launches Easy To Use Ampare Read My Web Speech Out Loud Software

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July 03, 2016: Ampare Engine is a free software and business software company located in Bangkok, Thailand. The company has done and still doing many effort to help the world to become a better place by their user friendly and convenient software and protection technology. Ampare Engine is a world class software engineering company founded by Juthawong Naisanguansee since 2009 with one of his closest friend Martin Dimitrievski.

The company works directly with their customers that help them to consistently improve their products, making them more flexible and satisfying any user requirements. It has recently launched a product called “Ampare Read My Web Speech Out Loud” or “Read My Web “in chrome web store which is ideal for listening to articles while driving a car, travelling, doing exercises, working and more.

This simple software automatically read your webpage or specific selected text loudly. It can speak directly from Google Chrome browser or in advance mode that speech comes from Ampare Engine Server. Ampare Web Reader can read the whole webpage or just a paragraph very easily. It supports text to speech voice language from your Google Chrome browser by default.

Ampare Read My Web Speech Out Loud can be very helpful for educational, for studying, for lazy people, for business man and many more. Its objective is to make education a fun and enriching experience for users of this software. It also helps people with dyslexia, reading challenges or visual impairments. This awesome extension also can read the phrase in browser language and in the server mode in Thai and English.

About The Company:
Read your online web speech out loud by Ampare Read my Web Speech Out Loud software. Download now this amazing software from Chrome store at

Contact Details:
Company Name: Ampare Engine
Contact Person: Juthawong Naisanguansee
Phone: +66805519856
City: Bangkok
Country: Thailand


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