Important Things to Know When Getting Into the World of FFXIV Gil

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - FFXIV, or Final Fantasy X1V is another look into an even more advanced fantasy world that is absolutely out of this world. The graphics are awesome, and the play is a whole lot of fun! But you need gil, and lot’s of it.

So, how do you get gil? It’s simple; you earn it or you can Buy FFXIV Gil!

While buying FFXIV Gil, the most essential thing is to have information regarding the farming habits of the company one is dealing from. Here, individuals need to ensure that these companies are not risking their account by contracting Gil farming among numerous small companies that have the potential of exploiting the game with the help of cheats, hacks or bots or the worst of them all to hack the player’s FFXIV account for getting Gil.

It is essential for individuals to look for genuine companies. Look for the companies that have FFXIV farmers at isolated locations and do not obstruct other players. An individual can go for the company, which does not have the habit of boasting resources, locations of the camp or involved in killing of players

FF14GilHub is a rapidly growing company. Since its official establishment in 2014, FF14GilHub has been gathering precious experience and tremendous growth and progress. Our growth has been exponential in the last 5 years compared to the numerous online gaming trading merchants.

The main benefit of a Final Fantasy XIV Leveling guide I find is not the fact that you will not see any of the information inside. You will if you browse through enough forums and ask enough questions, but you will also find that people are not quick to give out their secrets with the game.

Here are 3 tips that will help you pick a good FFXIV Leveling guide:

Make sure you get maps!

The main thing that you will want in the guide is maps and even better waypoints, the universe of Eorzea is massive and even if you get good written instructions that are step by step nothing can beat pictures so make sure you get these.

All Races!

There are many races in Final Fantasy FFXIV and the interesting thing and also slightly annoying thing about this MMORG is that you will have to pay a fee to start another race from the one you choose at the start.

Gil Is The New Gold!

It was gold in World of Warcraft, now you have to make Gil in FFXIV and to make sure that you are leveling fast you will need to know how to make money in the game so a full section, or even better a separate guide that shows you how to make Gil in the game is an awesome idea to make sure you are making good progress.

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