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July 13, 2016: In today’s world every student would like to do a course which not only light up their future but also give them enough prospects to explore the outer world. Present day market is overflowing with number of online educational consultants who assure big but do not deliver. Admit School is an Edtech startup, started in May 2016 by Johns Hopkins University alumni. It is an online network of parents, students and graduates helping to take better decisions regarding admissions.

Using Admit School’s interactive search tools, students can find the right course, college, or any other learning source very easily. Additionally, they can read reviews, articles, ask questions and get answers from a number of leading minds in education, and connect with others in their school communities.

This online network allows the students and graduates to get free help and advice from a group of experts and university graduates about every part of your worldwide education. The user–friendly community forum has countless resources about accommodation; post study work like OPT, CPT and campus job opportunities. Admit School gives comprehensive search and unbiased information on more than 800 international student friendly education providers and resources.

They collects data from the most reliable sources with the goal that you can spend less time searching through websites and more time focusing on your future. They have Facebook Messenger Bot (Ace) that helps you with profile analysis, shortlist universities and track your admissions. Admit School also provides services such as H1B Visa for the foreign nationals if anyone plans to work long term in the U.S.

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Admit School is an online network that helps students, parents and graduates to pick up the right course college, or any other learning resource easily. For more information, please visit:

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