Naral Mitra Coconut Plucking Service Is In Great Demand Today

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July 22, 2016: Lack of trained coconut pluckers is a depressing farm sector problem all over India. The serious shortage of labor in general and coconut pluckers specifically has resulted in desperation among the coconut growers not only in coastal Karnataka but more in Kerala, the largest coconut growing state in India. However, the shortage of coconut pluckers has been a constant worry, the few well-known Naral Mitra Coconut Plucking service has been much in demand.

Naral Mitra is an electrical engineer who began this coconut harvesting service after one coconut fall on his bike and damaged its speedometer gauge. He himself developed a coconut climbing machine which took 6 months after experimentation. He initially helped people on weekends because of his job but later took it up as permanent profession. He has helped more than 1000 people till now. He daily gets 4-5 calls requesting help. Presently he serves Pune and PCMC area along with some places in Mumbai.

Naral Mitra coconut fruit removal from tree service is slowly becoming a boon for the coconut growers and gradually turning into a professional coconut related work experts company. He with his expert team climbs coconut trees with the help of machine. They can do your coconut plucking from coconut tree, so that you can sit back and relax. They also gets calls from Bangalore and Kerala but unable to serve there as for now. But they are planning to start service in whole Mumbai and Bangalore in next 6 months. They are also environment lovers and work on coconut tree conservation which helps to control soil erosion.

About The Company:
Naral Mitra is an electrical engineer who turned into professional coconut plucker in Pune. Naral Mitra Coconut Plucking from coconut tree service also fix nets to prevent falling coconuts. For more information visit

Contact Details:
Author Name: Bhaskar Jagtap
Business/Company Name: Naral Mitra
Local Address: Kothrud, Pune, Maharashtra, India
Phone Number: 8657166943
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