Eco-Friendly and Safe—Airwheel Smart Self Balance Electric Scooter

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - 27, July 2016: Living in big cities means that you can buy anything you want, go anywhere to entertain and do anything you like to relax. However, is everything perfect in big cities? Take transportation as an example. Could anything save us from traffic jam? Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter, compact and portable, energy saving and low-carbon, must be your best choice.

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Is everything perfect in big cities? Take transportation as an example. Could anything save us from traffic jam? Although people's pace of life is accelerating and travelling frequency becomes more and more high, but in fact, sometimes people do not need to use the car. For example, people living in the city go to somewhere near to work. Airwheel electric scooter, compact and portable, energy saving and low-carbon, help one avoid the trouble of driving and parking the car. From the moment of leaving home, Airwheel can bring people to the office easily and eco-friendly.

Airwheel eco-friendly electric scooter is a new transport brand, which insists on environmental protection. As is known to all, Airwheelis a low-carbon commuting vehicle designed to ease traffic jam and reduce pollutants emission, while magnesium alloy is also an eco and low-carbon material. This material is lighter but with high strength. It can withstand certain collisions and is resistant to high temperature and erosion. Therefore, high-performance magnesium alloy is widely applied in the space flight and aviation fields. Such a reliable and safe companion as Airwheel is, it will guarantee you to wave goodbye to traffic jams.

After year’s research and development, Airwheel intelligent self balancing electric scooter has mastered the core technology of self-balancing scooter and produced various kinds of safe and solid scooters. Airwheel now owns the national patents and several international and domestic certificates, and becomes a famous company in the sector of electric scooters.

For a cutting-edged travel equipment, the electric scooter is to improve riders’ experience, instead of excessively upgrade the configuration and performance, Airwheel believes. As for any model of personal transporter, safety takes priority over everything. Airwheel is no exception. For commuters, quality and safety concerns them most, with the comprehensive protection systems.

Airwheel, compact and portable, eco-friendly and safe is your well-pleasing choice to go out.


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