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July 29, 2016: The entire world is getting modernized and computerized. This is very good news for gamblers also. But, before you plunge into online betting like horse racing, try installing horse betting systems first. This will help you to improve your betting system, which can boost up your profits. A horse racing software is definitely a superb tool for standard horse race lovers.

Racescan-Genie is new unique software which reduces betting risk, increases profits and finds horses fast to give you that winning edge. It is one of the best Betfair apps that enable you to explore the daily markets on the Betfair Race Card and make your choices from over 200 horses with 20,000 items of data to find that winning horse to fit your plan.

You are able to download data in mere seconds to set-up your own horse racing systems with infinite options like Lay, Back, Place etc. Exploit their user-friendly templates to raise your winning chances. You can modify the display for your own needs offering amazing flexibility. This horse racing software can provide you with predictions or percentage outcomes based upon a vast database of statistics, variables and laws of probability.

Instead of studying the racing pages of newspapers or browsing through racing websites or relying on tipping services use the facilities of this one of the amazing gambling systems to find what you want in seconds. If you have purchased systems that require Betfair data which you would normally have to search for on the Betfair race cards you can program those requirements into this software and find the data immediately.

About The Company:
Racescan-Genie is a horse racing software which reduces betting risk, increases profits and finds horses fast to give you that winning edge. Build and trial horse racing systems in the app and export to Excel. For more info visit http://www.racescan-genie.co.uk/

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Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/racescangenie/


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