encouraged by third quarter performance data as it expands its current market share by 13%

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - has confirmed that its market share has expanded by 13% for the last quarter.


London, UK 30th June, 2016 - has confirmed that its market share has expanded by 13% for the last quarter. The firm says that it has really been encouraged by this result and this only shows the trust many customers continue to have in its team of paraphrasing experts and paraphrasing machines. has said that it hopes to keep this trend especially now that the level of competition among paraphrasing companies seems to be stepping up a notch. The paraphrasing service provider has been creating a number of strategies to maintain its position as one of the popular paraphrasers today and it is now obvious that the strategies are working.

There is no other company in this space that managed to record any double figure growth in market share and as many experts note, if can keep up this trend then it will be easy for even more customers to come and enjoy its highly rated online paraphrasing services.

Ultimately, what really matters is to reach as many customers as possible. has said many times that it values the quality of services offered but even so, what really matters is what customers think about it. So far, the online paraphrase company seems to be getting things done really well in terms of attracting and retaining customers.

The provider has never been the one to take any risks but even then, the strategies it has put in place to market its services and keep customers coming are quite effective. The reword this for me company feels that things are now headed on the right track and has urged customers to continue marking orders here anytime. You can visit and learn more about how the company can help.

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