TURBO, a trailblazer in Singapore’s hob and hood industry, celebrates 42 years of innovation

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - SINGAPORE, 4 August 2016– A trusted brand since 1974, TURBO is the one of the longest-running kitchen appliance companies in Singapore. For over four decades, the brand has constantly been at the forefront of innovation. Its array of hobs is the first to feature the wok burner to the middle of the left side of the hob, which cuts the transfer of heat and also allows better utilisation of other burners while cooking. In 2002, it introduced the world to built-in hobs with 5.2kW wok burners —a boon for home chefs who love recipes for stir-fried dishes.

TURBO has recently obtained a patent for its revolutionaryflame technology. Its hobs are capable of producing both the largest and smallest flames in the market. The flames are angled at 45 degrees, which is the most energy-efficient angle to cook food. Hence, using TURBO hobs helps to save power and money! TURBO’s three- and four-burner gas hobs can achieve up to five types of flame.

• Wok burner flame: the largest flame in the market allows you to cook wok dishes
• Rapid burner flame: thedouble ring fire heats up food faster and efficiently
• Inner ring flame within wok burner: this fire can be used to preheat food
• Small burner flame: the single ring fire can save gas when stewing, steaming or preparing soups
• Smallest inner ring flame in the market: use this fire to stew, braise meats or double-boil soups

Modern hobs for safe and easy cooking

TURBO’s Double Burner Gas Hob (T-8833SSV) and Triple Burner Glass Hob (T7933G/T7633G) stand out for their high quality and safety profiles. Stunning in aesthetics, the two hobs will easily complement the design of a modern kitchen.

The T-8833SSV’s top is made of first-rate 304 stainless steel. Stainless steel has an incredible resistance to corrosion, and this ensures the hob stayspristine throughout its lifespan. On the other hand, the Triple Burner Glass Hob (T7933G/T7633G) uses German SCHOTTTemperedGlass. Tough yet sleek are its hallmarks, and clean-up is a cinch too.

Other salient features make the two hobs a worthy investment for homeowners:

• Premium-grade copper alloy burner:Known for its high resistance to heat, corrosion and rust, copper boasts capabilities such as superior heat conductivity and optimal heat accumulation.

• TURBO’s Total Safety Device: This safety device will cut the flow of gas when the fire goes out. In turn, cooking hazardslike gas leakage are prevented. This is an important safety function as homeowners might not notice that the gas stove is turned on when there is no fire.

• Built-in battery-operated ignition system:The battery powering up the ignition system is located on top, along with the rest of the control knobs. Hence, it is easy to replace the battery when it is flat. Most hobs in the market have their batteries located at the bottom, and replacement is often a hassle.

• Ideal layout for cooking: TURBO’s hobs are designed to facilitatea seamless cooking experience. There is ample space between the burners, allowing home chefs to place different cookware on different burners and whip up multiple dishes at the same time. There is less waiting time needed and families can enjoy more time savouring thehome-cookedfeast.


Double Burner Gas Hob (T-8833SSV)

• 3 gas burners with safety device
• Both double-ring wok burners affixed with inner ring control device
• Premium-grade copper alloy burners
• Built-in battery operated ignition system
• Front-located control mechanism
• High-strength zinc control knobs
• Heavyduty pot stand
• Available colour: Stainless Steel
• Dimensions: W870 x D510 x H45mm
• Cut-out: W723-840 x D419-468mm (R115, R60mm)

Triple Burner Glass Hob (T7933G/T7633G)

• 3 gas burners
• 2 wok burners affixed with inner ring control device
• 1 auxiliary burner
• Toughened glass from SCHOTT
• Premium-grade copper alloy burners
• Built-in battery operated ignition system
• Front-located control mechanism
• Heavy duty pot stand
• Safety valve optional
• Sealing strip between bench top and hob
• Available colour:
• T7933G: Black, White and Optic White
• T7633G: Black and Optic White
• Glass Dimension: T7933G: W870 x D510 x H60mm
• Glass Dimension: T7633G: W760 x D510 x H60mm
• Cut-out: W728 x D468 x (R115mm)

For media enquiries, please contact
Pris Yap, HP: 9060 8472, Email: prisyap@brand-cellar.com
Racheal Phillips, HP: 8339 6685, Email: racheal@brand-cellar.com

About Happiness (Pte) Ltd
Happiness Pte Ltd, the sole distributor of TURBO Italia, has worked with manufacturers in Italy since 1974 to bring in a wide range of quality cooking appliances and become the oldest and most popular company known for hobs, hoods and ovens – that most mums have grown to be familiar with over the past 4 decades. Throughout these years, it has bridged the gap between finely crafted, high quality Italian products and the specific needs of Asian customers; by situating its R&D team in Singapore and its manufacturing facilities in Italy, the homeland of top hobs, hoods and ovens.

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