Type of Rio Olympics laser weapons

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Type of Rio Olympics laser weapons
Laser weapon VS conventional weapon
Compared with conventional weapons, burning laser weapon has a unique and excellent performance. It is fast, high hit rate. The laser weapon emits "light bomb" - a laser beam, with a speed of 300 thousand kilometers per second. Besides, it is of high strength, which can destroy all the hard target.
It is estimated that one billion watts of laser weapons, it transmit power in 1/1000 seconds. The strength, equivalent to the current power all over the world the sum of the power station. If the laser power so high concentrated to a few microns in size, rare light can be generated per square centimeter trillion watts. As can be imagined, no matter how hard will not resist at the front of such a powerful laser weapon .
The third one is no inertia, does not produce recoil. Due to the emission of laser weapons is "light bullets", so after the launch, it will not produce recoil which is a recoilless inertial weapons. It can change the direction of the shooting at any time, any attack a variety of targets, and does not affect the firing accuracy and effect. Therefore, laser weapons use so as to save time, labor saving, flexible, handy. The fourth is no pollution.
The 5000mw Laser Pointer weapon has no radioactive pollution. It is reported that the world's largest laser was placed in the United States of Los Alamos laboratory. The output power of this laser has reached 104 to 105 watts. Laser weapons can be divided into strategic and tactical laser weapon, tactical laser weapon is a laser weapon for land-based combat. The distance in the range of tens of kilometers, which can be used to deal with the tactical missile and aircraft,tanks and other tactical targets, but also can be used for air defense. The strategy of laser weapon is in outer space (1000 kilometers from the earth above) for laser weapons base. The striking distance from hundreds of kilometers to thousands of kilometers. Its main task the one is to destroy the enemy in space orbit satellite.
Laser weapon sort by application
Laser weapons can be divided into: space-based laser weapons. 200mw Green Laser weapons mounted on satellites, spacecraft, space station and other aircraft, space for defense or attack in all, destroy the enemy's military satellites and other space, intercontinental missile weapons. The space-based weapons can attack from the target next year and multi-faceted.
Ground-based laser weapons. This kind of laser weapon set on the ground, mainly for ground combat air defense intercept incoming warheads, aviation weapon. It can also be used to attack the enemy some important ground targets. Airborne laser weapon mounted on aircraft, mainly for air defense or attack, destroy incoming aircraft or missile etc..
Vehicle borne laser weapons installed in various combat tanks and other vehicles and special vehicles, mainly used to attack enemy targets on the ground. Can also be used to kill enemy personnel.The third is firing device. It is the control switch of the excitation source, like ordinary gun trigger. It put the parts even together, forming a compact structure of the gun body, which is not only easy to use, and easy to carry. Use laser guns, Laser Sight and the target point in a straight line, can hit the target, the difference is it does not require considering the influence of the ballistic curve, moving target shooting.To attack ground or naval targets, on land or sea combat support etc.. Shipboard laser weapon mounted on a variety of military ships, for the maritime attack or defense combat, destroy incoming flying aircraft or missiles, attacking the enemy ship.

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