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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Sony Electronics will start accepting Voxel (VOX) crypto currency for its virtual reality headset that will be coming out this October 2016.

According to a senior official at Sony Electronics, Voxel (VOX) will be the only crypto currency that can be used by PSVR gamers to make in-app purchases and game title purchases.

Voxel (VOX) is a crypto currency that have been released for the sole purpose of providing Virtual reality users with the opportunity to make game title purchases and in-app purchased with the crypto currency, at any part of the world. Voxel (VOX) works similar to the way bitcoin works, but has been designed only to cater to the gaming community, specifically to Virtual Reality users.

Voxel (VOX) is the crypto currency that powers the Voxelus platform and that allows anyone, anywhere to create, share, purchase and play virtual reality games and experiences without writing a single line of code. Voxelus includes a bundle of free assets that can use to design with more content coming out every week. Voxel (VOX) is already being used by the Virtual reality games created on the vowels platform; and from October of this year it will also be available for playstation 4 virtual reality gamers.

Experts have placed the virtual reality industry to have a potential market cap reach of $150 billion per year. Facebook have invested $2 billion into Oculus VR, Google $542 million into Magic Leap, not to mention Microsoft’s delightful HoloLens; Alibaba and Baidu have both invested hundreds of millions of dollars into VR development. Voxel (VOX) being the official crypto currency of VR is best situated to bring crypto currency to the main stream and power all VR related transactions.

Up until now, gamers on the playstation 4 platform have only been able to purchase game contents through credit cards and Paypal on the platform. However with the new Sony VR headset that is set to be released to the public this October 2016, Sony Electronics have decided to provide users with the option to make purchases using Voxels (VOX) crypto currency after the PSVR headset has been released.

The Sony PSVR headset that is poised to be released this October 2016, is expected to sell over a million units within some weeks; but experts place the actual anticipated sells figure to be in the range of two million units for the month of October, and unto four million units before the end of the year.

Sony decision to provide its Virtual headset users with the option to make game-title purchases, as well as in app purchases with the Voxel (VOX) crypto currency, will help push crypto currencies to the main stream.

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