Riding Airwheel E6 personal transportation Electric bike is a better approach of improving your traveling quality

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - As people are paying closer attention to their life quality, traveling equipment turns out to be more and more diversified and short-distance traveling tools appear. We can see special coffee cup for drinking coffee and special wine glass for wine so it is natural that different tools for various traveling demand is one of the most effective strategies to improve life quality. Airwheel E6 electric bicycle will let you enjoy a happier life, especially living in the current crowded city. https://twitter.com/AirwheelCZ/status/761854893653041152

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E6 e-bike adopts the aluminum alloy frame and handles it in accordance with top-level fabrication process. It first considers the weight and portability of the whole body. E6 electric-bikes, including battery packs, only weighs 14.15kg and its size is only 950mm×465mm×160mm. In this case, girls can also lift it and put it into a corner or car trunk after completely folding all the joints. Users will feel convenient by combining E6 e-bike with public transportations. They will not only avoid from traffic jam but also save more time on the way. https://twitter.com/AirwheelCZ/status/761484146719854592

With regards to the tires, E6 Best Electric Bicycles is equipped with 8-inch tires which are fit for city riding. Sometimes, the road condition will not flat and even, such as gravel road in parks. But E6 best e bike has double shock absorption system for easing shaking.

Sure, Airwheel E6 folding electric bike has more unique places distinguished from others in terms of details’ design. Its X-shaped frame is good for folding; the operating rod is designed to be adjustable for ease of satisfying the users with different statures; the saddle adopts the separated left-right design, well-breathed and comfortable.

For city riding, especially those of high quality, details are comparatively important for better performance. On the one hand, E6 maintains the balanced performance and on the other hand, it pursues to be perfect in details and strives to give comfort, fun and free during riding. If you want to lift your traveling quality, Airwheel E6 cannot be missed.

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