The mini Airwheel E3 backpack intelligent folding electric assist bicycle helps to ease work stress

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - The transmission from work stress into home stress often results in irritability, anger, nervousness and anxiousness-all behaviors that can cause tension. How can you minimize the impact that work stress has on your relations with your families? Of course you should confine your work to particular times and locations. Below is a tip for keeping work stress from becoming home stress.

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After going through a tough word day, people need relax. Go shopping, participating parties or walking dogs are all available. If you ride an Airwheel E3 backpack electric bike , you may feel much better and relaxed. This exquisite bike gains lots of popularity due to its fashionable appearance and portability. Almost all the travelling demand can be fulfilled by E3 backpack e bike. And then how’s the performance of it?

Whether it is portable or not depends on two factors: weight and size.

What kind of material can ensure the strength of the whole body and also the light weight? It is the aluminum alloy that works. The total weight, including the battery pack and tires, just weighs 12.5kg; Also, E3, as a folding e bike, is small in figure. After folding the main frame, handrails, saddles and pedals, its size is only 474mm×399mm×374mm. This allows it to be kept into a backpack.

Continuous optimization for riding experience shall be considered except the portable feature. If the equipment aims at bringing pleasure to users, it should be driven comfortably. However, E3 smart electric folding bike lays more emphasis on details optimization.

For instance, the 8-inch tires applied on E3 can make the ride agile and flexible since the road holding ability and wear ability have been greatly improved; riders can lower or raise the height of control lever for seeking the level that is fit for their stature; the separated left-right saddle design is a good way for ventilation.

Such cool equipment will definitely drive the stress from you.

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