Intelligent Electric bike manufacturer Airwheel scooter and e bike show their ability in side roads

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Nowadays, we can see some small vehicle moving in narrow paths. Although it is not as smooth as the main road lines, it is better than breathing vehicle exhaust. However some emergencies may occur when riding in side roads like meeting a guy who throws rubbish. If your vehicle is Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooter or folding electric bike, they can avoid it easily.

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S8 double-wheels electric scooter has gained outstanding performance. It reshapes the fixed recognition for self-balancing electric scooters by its sitting and standing riding postures’ mode. Made of magnesium and aluminum alloy, the shell is sturdy and durable. The little figure can bear a maximum of 100kg. Besides, the curved operating arm is good for lowering the gravity of riders so that they can ride steadily. The three-point pressure sensitive system is added with the sitting posture in the drive and the cushion made of natural rubber has top-level ventilation. In this way, the security feeling will rise immediately. The special designed App can let rider know the battery usage, speed or miles at first time. And most importantly its size is only 738mm×521mm×329mm, so there won’t be any problem for skidding in narrow alleys.

E3 backpack electric bike is defined as a vehicle that can be kept into a backpack. It is also worth to be noticed due to its cool outlook, magic folding technology and strong safety protection system. The aluminum alloy frame has good wear resistance ability. It won’t deform even though it is folded for many times. Almost ten places can be folded, so riders can hold it in hand or put it into backpack. Meanwhile, riders can unfold it within few seconds. In narrow alleys, the wheel hub motor and EBS control system will show their ability. Do not worry about the unstable riding or braking, the system will give the suitable solution to help riders. Furthermore, the 8-inch tires with customized tread possess a better road holding ability.

In a word, riding Airwheel S8 and E3 in side roads is a superexcellent method for getting rid of traffic flow.

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Address: Los Angeles, California, USA

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