Bothbest Solid Bamboo Flooring Provides Unmatched Interior Design and Decoration Flexibility

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - China - Bothbest, a renowned and trusted exporter of bamboo products from China, has earned much reputation over the years for offering solid bamboo flooring solutions. The bamboo floors, according to the owners, can add a lot of flexibility and versatility to interior designing and decoration. The manufacturing process involves slicing the stalks of bamboo and then gluing them together using formaldehyde. The owners said that this particular flooring process can help builders and homeowners get the most interesting of design patterns.

Also, they added that homeowners can sand down this kind of floors periodically to make them look like new ones. Bedrooms, home offices, living rooms are the ideal places where solid bamboo flooring can be used, the owners informed.

“For horizontal solid bamboo flooring, the chips are first laid flat. This creates a floor with a rather consistent look. This kind of floor almost looks like natural bamboo grasses”, said a product manager on behalf of Bothbest. “Vertically arranged bamboo stalks look more mottled. This kind of floors can be very effective for hiding dirt. Also, this can make a dull room look interesting”, added the manager.

“We can at least say that this kind of floor offers the most natural look compared to all other types of bamboo floors we usually make”, the official maintained.

Solid bamboo flooring from Bothbest is manufactured from fast-growing bamboo stalks. The manufacturers source these stalks from different regions of China, including Zhejiang, Jiangxi, and Anhui provinces of China. The manufacturers claimed that solid bamboo flooring offers far more flexibility than hardwood bamboo flooring and also added that these are eco-friendly flooring options that modern day home and office owners can choose for their homes.

The CEO of Bothbest talked at length about the benefits of using solid bamboo flooring. “Compared to other types of flooring materials, even the bamboo based floors which we are known for, the solid bamboo flooring is more durable sustainable. It’s not just about the flexibility that it offers, but solid bamboo floor can be a sustainable flooring solution. Also, we keep the costs of production low so most people can afford it”, he told the press.

About the Company

Bothbest is a leading manufacturer of bamboo flooring products.

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