Quality Herb’s Bilberry Is Laboratory Tested and Proven Effective in Improving Night Vision

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - China - Quality Herb, a reputable manufacturer of herbal medicines, brings a unique solution for people with a low vision. The Bilberry extract the company sells through its website is laboratory tested and proven to be very effective in treating low vision. The medicine has great anti-oxidant activities, according to the owners of Quality Herb. They also added that apart from improving night vision, the medicine can also treat diarrhea, varicose veins, menstrual cramps, and venous insufficiency.

“The anthosyanosides present in Bilberry extract actually help protect the innermost light-sensitive membrane inside human eyes, also commonly referred as retina. It is considered highly effective in treating retina damage. Bilberry extract is also highly effective in treating macular degeneration, cataract and glaucoma”, said one senior researcher from Quality Herb.

“This is actually a species of Vaccinium, which is a dwarf shrub generally found in the Northern hemisphere. This kind of plants mostly grows on acidic soils. The fruit is often used for treating chronic fatigue syndromes, diabetes, hemorrhoids, gout, osteoarthritis, kidney diseases, and urinary tract infections”, the researcher claimed.

According to the researcher, Bilberry is a deep purple or deep blue fruit which is most commonly referred as blueberry outside the Americas. He told that the fruit contains glycosides, amino acids, vitamins and anthocyanins. “This particular fruit has great antioxidant activities. Also, it is rich with flavonoids. The extract has great antiviral and antibacterial activity as well”, he added.

The recommended quantities for the Bilberry extract can be found on the website of Quality Herb now. Apart from identification, research and production of Chinese traditional medicines, the company is also engaged in large-scale export of traditional medicines such as Bilberry extract. The owners exclaimed that the products that they have brought to the Chinese domestic market are equally popular in the west too.

“Our products are mainly used as nutritional supplements in and outside China. However, we strongly recommend consulting a licensed physician before someone takes this medicine”, said the CEO and Managing Director of Quality Herb.

About the Company

Quality Herb is the ecommerce store of Xuancheng Quality Herb Co.,LTD., a pharmaceutical research and production firm.

To know more, visit http://www.qualityherb.net/

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