Being Newfangled or Traditional? Intelligent Electric Skateboards Manufacturer Airwheel Tells You.

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - 22, August 2016: The traditional transports can no longer meet our requirement of transport. Replacing the traditional transports with new type of intelligent transports becomes inevitable in our society. Being Newfangled or Traditional? Airwheel intelligent electric scooter tells you.

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To be a traditional person or a unique person may face a totally different life. After someone has made a choice, he should confront the result bravely. We often say we can tell someone’s aesthetic taste and living habit by his outfit and shopping hobby. Also, we can know someone’s personality through his transport. It is definitely true. Actually, it is true to the transportation. What kind of person will choose the newfangled electric mobility scooter as transport?

What are the advantages of Airwheel electric scooter compared to traditional transports? First of all, it is small, light and handy. According to a questionnaire survey, being small, light and handy is the biggest advantage of intelligent self-balancing scooter for users. Electric scooter is the substitution of traditional transports. It can make up the blank between walking and driving. As long as you stand on the electric scooter, no one can stop your pace of moving forward.

Airwheel eco-friendly electric scooter is a new generation of intelligent transport which is powered by electricity and never consumes gasoline. It is environment-friendly and energy consumption. It responds to the call of low-carbon travel. Apart from being energy-saving, Airwheel is also very convenient. The charging time is short. It only takes short time to be fully charged. In most of the time, you can ride Airwheel for a week and don’t need to charge it. The battery it uses is branded lithium battery, which is safe, reliable and has long battery life.

Last but not least, Airwheel electric walkcar has beautiful and eye-catching appearance. The special appearance of it will attract everybody’s attention. It is the best tool to show your personality. You are the spotlight with Airwheel. The sense of happiness can be intensified if people are totally free from the anxiety of lateness for work. It is easy to go to work on time easily and fast by riding Airwheel, and being punctual forever is not a challenge but a habit with Airwheel.


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