Dying Alive Abducted Childrens Screams Echoed Mess Predicaments Notified for Global Attention

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Sri Lanka, Asia, August 21, 2016 /PressReleasePing/ - “One of the gravest humanitarian-crisis having the nature, severity and kind of ‘its own’, is on an ongoing continuum, and is progressively reflecting a strange and obnoxious rise in certain parts of the ‘least developed’ countries of Asian and African regions”, states an alarming appraisal titled ‘Children’s Organ-Trade Epidemic Mountings’ (COTEM-Alert), documented and released by SAIRI Postdoctoral Multiversity, on UN’s World Humanitarian Observance-2016.

Grave concerns have been voiced against the backdrop of 2016’s Humanitarian Day that is proclaimed by the UN as per its Resolution No.A/RES/63/139.
Acts of mafia-backed brutality manifested upon abducted children of Asia and Africa, particularly those of Pakistan and Myanmar have been spotlighted.

Situation Overview:

According to recent reports, the poor Asian populations of Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar and particularly those belonging to the Punjab province of Pakistan, are in vicious grips of a ‘humanitarian crisis’ having an unprecedented nature;—mounting epidemics of the inhumane trade of small children’s vital organs extracted out and then consequently sold as human ‘body-parts’ after being kidnapped—thrashed and beleaguered to made physically disabled for the rest of their lives after taken away from their local vicinities.

The situation and nature of occurrence, as it is appearing gradually on the face of ‘ground-reality’—is literally, too inhumane to be believed upon.

The Fact-in-Existence:

Evidence-based, substantiated information suggest a marked and obvious linkage between the ‘Tri-fold Nexus’ of apparently‘poles-apart segments’; i.e. Street Gangsters + Inter-Regional Mafia Circles + Medical Practitioners involved in these very acts of inhumane viciousness, notifies the alarming appraisal primed for the UN, titled ‘1st ‘Children’s Organ-Trade Epidemic Mountings’ assessment, (COTEM-Alert Appraisal) documented by SAIRI Postdoctoral Multiversity.

As a matter of fact, since one of the segments belongs to an institutional and highly respectable academic sphere i.e. the ‘medical professionals’ involved therein, but quite regrettably, — the ‘Tri-fold Nexus’ has far-surpassed the Pharaoh’s approach as well the Hitlerian-tactics!

Appalling Conditions of the Looming Crisis:

Cross-referenced data-analysis reveals an obnoxious rise in child abduction cases during the last three years. Reportedly, over 850,000 children are documented missing every year in the least developed or under developed countries—marking the indicator as 3-5 children every 2 minutes.

In the SAIRI’s COTEM-Alert on the United Nations World Humanitarian Observance-2016, an analysis on the disappeared children in recent years, has been documented, which reflects that almost 21.7% of the missing children are those who are lost in densely tenanted places and then become vulnerable to be an object of prey for the abductors. While, around 37-46% are the runaways due to harsh behavior by the family, the sexual abuses in schools and streets. Unaccompanied migrant children seeking asylums, and parental abduction by one of the patrons also constitute a 3-5% of the missing children.Whereas, well over 30.6% to 37.9% are the cases, where, in a quite professional way, the children are kidnapped from their streets, their way-backs from schools, playgrounds, the zoos or other places that children visit habitually or are likely to be there recurrently.

“Identical patterns indicate a linear rise and non-proximal outbursts to the vicinities that are currently considered as ‘secured’ parts of the world—appear as not to be out of the present predicament-pickle’s grips, in the upcoming years as well”, warns COTEM-Alert.

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Sri Lanka, Asia

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