You will prefer to have one or two of Airwheel Technology riding equipment sooner or later

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Riding, a way of travelling, can be also taken as a way of relaxation. It is getting more and more popular among youngsters. Except those enthusiasts, more guys would like to ride to go on a tour or ride for commuting. When they feel bad, exhausted in heavy works and depressed by staying at home for a long time, a riding will make you alive.

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Riding is naturally associated with riding equipment and the following will be three equipment of Airwheel.

Airwheel praises highly contracted design and its S8 saddle-equipped electric scooter looks like very simple and refreshing. The porcelain coated on the main frame can be all-matched for people with genders and wearing styles. So it is extremely elegant equipment for urban riding. S8 can be driven by sitting on it or standing on it. Comparing to the traditional scooters, S8 is easy to be learn and riders will have more comfortable riding experience.

Although Airwheel gets its start from manufacturing self-balancing scooters, up to now, it has a plentiful and diversified production line and each has it special features so it can fulfill the requirements of users. Recently, Airwheel pioneered a brand new product type, E3, a bike that can be folded into a backpack. Only weight 12.5kg, E3 backpack Smart e Bike , has a distinguished shape with double “O”. E3 abandons the traditional design on saddles and adopts the left-right foldable design which improving the riding experience again.

Sure, a pleasant riding depends on many factors, suitable vehicle is just one of them. For the sake of the security, Airwheel C5 smart helmet is launched to protect riders’ safety. It is equipped with a sport camera. Users can take photos when they are moving forward. Moreover, the app on the smartphone is developed for facilitating the photos and videos shoot by C5 to transmit to phones and share them with their friends.

The above equipment will bring you a suitable, comfortable and safe riding moments when you ride them to make a sightseeing tour.

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