Airwheel intelligent electric foldable bikes Let You Get Free Of the Sweaty Riding Experience

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Riding enthusiasts often complain that they ride bikes to work and only end up in being soaked with sweat. They have to prepare a spare set of clothes and bath products in the company. However, some companies do not provide fitting room or bathroom for employees. If so, will they just drape this sweaty and smelly while working? It is quite annoying. In the long run, it will damage the personal image and even interpersonal relationship. For those who would not give up riding, there is an alternative now. Try the Airwheel electric bicycles with two options so far, E6 and E3 backpack electric bicycle.

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Airwheel electric folding bikes are powered by electricity. It takes little efforts but brings the same kind of riding joy. They are more foldable and smaller and more light-weighted than bikes. E6, featured by slim X shaped body, quick fold system with the folding size 950mm×456mm×160mm and 14.15kg item weight, enables you to weave through freely in the crowed. There is an exclusively designed backpack for E3, folding size 474mm×399mm×374mm only weighing 12.5kg.

Airwheel e bike makes riding labor-saving and efficient with 20km/h. They can scoot around freely in the crowds. Riders could carry them onto public transport vehicles such as metros and buses. If people don’t feel like riding, they could store it and adopt other trip modes. It is absolutely a convenient device. High strength alloy arm-brace makes them convenient to park.

It is affirmed that people who ride bikes for work resolves to keep fit and lead a low-carbon lifestyle. Airwheel also meet such demands. Airwheel electric cycles produces no pollutant and is very eco-friendly. Now riding an Airwheel e bike for work delivers the same kind of joy as riding bikes do, while it is more comfortable and convenient.

Airwheel battery operated Best Electric Bicycles get riders free of the sweaty riding journey. For those who would not like to give up riding, it is time to change a riding style. Try the Airwheel battery operated bicycle.

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