Airwheel intelligent pride mobility electric scooters leads the world travel style

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Airwheel depends on dynamic balance as basic operating theory. Meanwhile, it relies on built-in gyroscope and acceleration sensor to tell the scooter’s real-time state. Then, the built-in chip will send corresponding commands and drive motor to keep balance. As to balance control, the rider just needs to adjust the center of gravity of unicycle and himself/herself, which is totally different from traditional transports. Comparatively speaking, Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter is much easier to operate. The riding experience is much more flexible and more delightful.

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Besides, Airwheel is also widely adopted to use in many large-scale places, such as campus, exhibition hall or golf links and so on. One of spotlights of Airwheel is environmentally-friendly, which is emission-free and pollution-free. Therefore, it has become a must-have travel transport of many families. The society demand raises a global boom. A worldwide transform of electric scooters replacing traditional transports is beginning officially. Airwheel eco-friendly electric scooter redefines the meaning of transport.

Airwheel electric mobility scooter adopts imported lithium cell, which provides stronger braking capacity and faster acceleration. In terms of electric mobility scooter’s body design, it makes the best of reducing power consumption. In addition, high quality tyre is made from high-quality rubber and has unique tread design. This tyre has good grip and is durable.

For walkers and cycling enthusiasts, hot summer is suffering. Taking exercise a little while will be sweating profusely. Thus, many people don’t like to exercise in summer. Is there a means to maintain the exercise hobby or satisfy the wish of going out? The answer is yes. The Airwheel electric assist hoverboard can help those people out. Stamp on the Airwheel and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the road. You won’t feel hot, because you are riding against the wind. You won’t feel tired, because the Airwheel takes you all the way. More importantly, it not only satisfies your travel desire, but also is low-carbon and environmentally-friendly.

Airwheel intelligent power scooter now leads the world travel style.

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