This summer’s spotlight goes to Airwheel personal transportation electric scooters

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Intelligent vehicles’ appearance lets us see the new element in the society covered with cars and these vehicles make contributions to air purification in an indirect way. Before intelligent era finishes evolution, we can firstly feel the powerful influences brought by Airwheel new products in advance.

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Office workers, especially senior white-collar workers perhaps have fed up with the crowded situation every day and complain that they have less time to exercise after finishing a tough work day. Airwheel Z5 electric standing hoverboard , driven by electricity, will let you experience the pleasure by riding in the way back home or office. Z5 aims to provide the smart traveling solution for daily commuting. Through the significant upgrade in some performance, Z5 becomes more popular among office workers.

Those people who love to live a leisure life shall choose S8 electric walkcar, smaller than S3 or S5. The streamlined figure will make you fall in love with it immediately. The powerful motor, explosion proof and tubeless tires and App functions are all mounted. And importantly, the fun of riding is gained from the two-mode postures, rather than the crazy and blind speeding or bright flashing light.

To get away from the noise and dirty in the city, people will prefer to take some new fresh air at suburbs. Riding E6 electric bike will guide you to go on a free tour. The biggest advantage shall be the one key to fold. It is easy to lift and it doesn’t occupy too much space. The battery box can charge electronic devices by connecting the USB port and the C-AT vehicle control system is a safeguard for your traveling.

Apart from the above intelligent vehicles, Airwheel also has an intelligent helmet C5 which is equipped with high-definition sport camera. Users can take photos or video even if they are doing sports. The Wi-Fi modular will help it to connect network so users can upload their beautiful photos into social media platforms. Or use the Prisma to make an art work before uploading.

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