How Can Airwheel Intelligent Personal Transport Vehicle Devices Be Applied To Events Like Rio Olympics 2016?

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - 25, August 2016: Rio Olympics 2016 is about to open. Airwheel intelligent devices with eco, portable and efficient features, can actually be applied to different aspects of the event.

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Rio Olympics 2016 is about to open this Friday. Many people are questioning whether it is ready, since theft, electrical problems, gas leaks and even Zika virus are threatening the event. In this global carnival, do not let the incidents affect people’s passion. Remember in past Olympic Games photographers ride intelligent scooters to take pictures? In this year, Airwheel, a renowned intelligent device producer, has offered more choices to facilitate short-distance commuting.

Airwheel commits itself to manufacture green intelligent transportation devices. Airwheel intelligent devices are now available in Brazil. How can they be applied to events like the Summer Olympic Games? Here are some tips. For photographers, Airwheel sitting-posture electric scooter S8 is highly recommended. Unlike traditional electric scooters, S8 is equipped with both a saddle and a standing board. Thus, it can support two ways of riding modes, sitting and standing. Imagine photographers carry heave equipments to get around and it must be exhausting. Now, they can sit on the vehicle to capture the amazing moments.

As the infrastructure in Rio is not reliable, Airwheel backpack electric bike E3 and E6 can cut a dashing figure in short-distance commuting within Olympic villages. Airwheel e bikes are extremely portable and handy. They are light weighted and can be folded to occupy very little space. Both the two products have an external modular battery design. Electrical problems crop up once in a while in the village. It is very likely the design will benefit users, as the battery is integrated with a USB port and can charge electrical devices, like phones and lamps. In case of emergency, E3 and E6 may make quite a difference. As intelligent devices, they are able to be connected to phones via a customized app. Even when it is not by riders’ side, they can locate them on the phone, by a real-time positioning function.

The quality of all Airwheel products are guaranteed. The intelligent devices have already swept around the world. Choose Airwheel and one may enjoy a more pleasant and cozy experience in those big events.

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