Red Yeast Rice Powder from Quality Herb Serves as a Natural Add-on to Regular Diet

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - China - Red Yeast Rice Powder, a powder which has a light red colour, has been repackaged by a global distributor of Chinese herbal medicines, Quality Herb, which takes pride in a leading herbal medicines producer in China. The owners of Quality Herb said that the red yeast rice powder has been in use in China since antiquity and that the benefits of the herbal product has been rediscovered by Chinese herbal medicine experts and scientists from abroad alike. They also claimed that the product is a natural supplement to regular diet.

Quality Herb owners claimed that red yeast rice powder is highly effective in reducing cholesterol level in patients who are suffering from it. However, they added that read yeast rice has also been used as food through the decades and that the monocolin it contains also inhibits cholesterol synthesis. They said that they have fermented the red yeast rice powder from the solid substance, which is still used in parts of China as a comfort food. They told the press that they are eager to bring the choicest of traditionally used herbs with medicinal values to their customers, with the Read Yeast Rice Powder being one of them.

“Our product contains monocolin in compliance with the FDA standards. It is a completely natural product which now scientists around the world and biomedicine researchers have found extremely effective in fighting high cholesterol. Clinical research has already proved that read yeast rice powder is great for patients who have blood cholesterol less than 230 mg per decilitre. Many additional health benefits can come along with this medicine.

Quality Herb CEO and managing director spoke to the press here in Beijing. He said that they are playing their bit in adhering to the FDA standards and specifications. “There’s no getting around the fact that FDA takes a zero tolerance stance against medicinal products that contain more than recommended levels of certain monocolin. We, therefore, take highest measures while producing and controlling the quality of our products. Already, Red Yeast Rice Powder and many other products have been well accepted in the USA”, the CEO said.

About the Company

Quality Herb is e-retail store of Xuancheng Quality Herb Co.,LTD.

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