Offers Russia ZGY Invisible Ink Marked Cards for Russian Poker Pros

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - China -, a 2010 born company,which is committed to designing and mass production of poker cards and poker cheating devices, also offers Russia ZGY invisible ink marked cards for Russian poker pros. The owners of said that the marked playing cards are very useful in cheating for poker players. They added that the poker playing tricks can be easily learnt while using the marked cards

“Poker playing is no easy business and there’s a steep learning curve. However, we have developed these cards with a hope that poker pros from Russia can quickly learn the tricks and get on a winning spree”, said a top executive of

The Russia ZGY invisible ink cards from the poker cheating device producer come with invisible marks on the cards and these prints are not visible to naked human eyes. However, the owners said that the players who have a deck of these cards can use specially made IR contact lenses to read the marks clearly.

The marks, according to them, indicate the suits and points. These cards help the players know the marks even when the cards are faced downwards. The invisible ink stays on the cards for a long time and cannot be easily erased.

“The cards also feel good on the hands of the users and users can actually use them with much comfort while sitting for hours at the poker tables. These marked cards simply increase the chances of winning for the Russian poker pros. If someone from Russia places an order with us, we can print and mark the cards according to the needs of the users and ship them to our Russian buyer”, added the executive.

He also maintained that the Russia ZGY marked cards are now offered at considerably low price and the cards can be shipped worldwide, not just to Russia. The sales team of is committed to answer queries related to lenses and other devices. The company also publish regular updates on their products to keep users in the loop.

About the Company is a producer of marked playing cards and poker cheating devices.

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